Sweet Goods: Fabulous morning or “anytime of the day” indulgences. Our time tested recipes have delighted our customers for generations.


Rolls, Danish, and Donuts

Buttermilk Donuts - Plain, Sugared, Glazed, Chocolate, Flavor of the Day

Sweet Rolls - Caramel Pecan, Old Fashioned, Fruit Filled
Raised Donuts, Filled Bismarks, Long Johns, Twists and Knots, Apple Fritters

Danish filled Pastries

Coffee Cakes

Braided Pecan and Almond Rings

Fruit and Cream Cheese Rings

Sugar, Struesel, Fruit and Streusel

Muffins and Quick Breads
Muffins - Blueberry, Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch, Morning Glory, Raisin Bran, and many many more

Quick Breads - Banana Nut, Pumpkin, Apple Cranberry and more